The SW Hair Licensee Process

Interested in becoming a SW Hair Licensee?

We have a structured process put in place to ensure a SW Hair Licensee is right for you. Our business ethos is:

If it works for you, it works for us.
Expect Success!!

Our process includes training in all the aspects of running a successful SW Hair Licensee business.

The typical time for your SW Hair Licensee to open from your initial enquiry will be 7 weeks. You start your journey on our training programme which offers fantastic hands on experience in our unique business. It’s a market leader, so why not join us?


The SW Hair License programme

The SW Hair License programme is a partnership of mutual interests. Our License process is an established tried and tested model. Our Philosophy is to perfectly balance the creative and commercial needs to ensure your SW Hair License programme thrives.

What does it cost to start a SW Hair License with us?

As a guide, the cost of a SW Hair License can typically cost £1,200. For this fee, we provide a comprehensive training programme that includes sales and marketing training and a range of samples. Each Licensee is provided with everything they need to be a success. All you need to bring is your enthusiasm and dedication to join this great business opportunity.

And the financial returns?

On average, we typically see a return on investment within the first year of operations. Licensees can build to over £100,000 in revenue after 3 years, but this is not guaranteed: it is totally down to you, if you put in the hard work, your effort will be rewarded. And in the hair extensions market, the opportunities are huge.

Licensee Journey to your own SW Hair License

  • Your initial contact with SW Hair
  • You will meet and get to know the Director Roma Lynch
  • A bespoke business plan is created and your territory is decided upon
  • The Licensee agreement is agreed and signed
  • Training and marketing campaign begin
  • The grand launch of your Licensee Business
  • This is it! You begin the day to day running of your SW Hair Licensee business
  • On-going support, training, marketing, and in depth, financial analysis, to ensure your success

There is a lot involved in the running of a SW Hair License. You will need to be committed to the SW Hair Licensee for at least 2 years, and then your license will be up for renewal. You will receive continuous support and education and a full review of your progress after your first 2 years as a SW Hair Licensee.

Start Your Journey Now

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Licensee Frequently Asked Questions
What do I get for my money?

For your investment, you will receive full support from our Head Office team including Marketing and Training.

Can I have more than one License?

Yes, you can have more than one License. However, this is dependent on your own requirements.

Can I set up the Licensee Business in my own property?

Yes, you can set up a License business within your home or an existing office.

Will I have to work in the business full time or part time?

This totally depends on you. You can work full or part time with your License programme, depending on how much of a return you’d like out of it. It is a very hands on job and you will not be able to run a successful License business without your commitment to it.

Am I able to enter a SW Hair License with a business partner?

Yes, SW Hair do allow Licensees to be opened on a partnership basis.

What training will I be provided with?

We provide all our Licensees with the training to be successful. This includes:

  • Colour Matching of Boosters – blending multiple colours
  • Opportunity to embark upon our Hair Extensions Training to a verified standard that you can rely on with external accreditation.

Online Business Development and Marketing Training includes the following:

  • Start up and expand your SW Hair License business
  • How to maximise income from the hair extensions market
  • Reach your target market
  • Website/ business cards and full colour double side leaflets
Does the License include Hair Extensions?

Yes you’ll receive a number of sample Hair Extensions. Additionally, future purchase of good quality hair at a good price. You can also purchase quality hair extension tools at great value prices.

What on-going support will be provided?

The SW Hair License Team ensures that the commencement of your License is easy and trouble free. In addition to the License Team, SW Hair will also provide you with on-going support from our dedicated hair specialists.

We don’t just stop once your License has launched, your dedicated support team will provide you with monthly marketing campaigns, to ensure your business thrives continuously month on month.

What are my legal rights as a Licensee owner?

In short, your rights and responsibilities as a License Owner will be clearly set out in the License agreement that will exist between us. The term of the License Agreement will be for 2 years and can be extended at your convenience.